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Love playing music? Want freedom to move, flow, and feel excitement? Say goodbye to expensive, complicated wireless guitar systems. Introducing CFG Wireless Guitar Systems – making connections simple!

Freedom of Movement

With the CFG wireless systems there will be no more tripping over the cable, and the end to tangling cables with your band members (or yourself).Β There is nothing more refreshing than notΒ having to worry about those things while you play your instrument. MoreΒ FreedomΒ = MoreΒ Creativity.

Sound Quality & Latency

The CFG wireless guitar systems use the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band.Β This is a global interference-free broadcasting range you can use everywhere without a signal break.Β With 48KHz/16bit uncompressed digital transmission sample-range, you will never experience unwanted sound degradation & will enjoy extremely low and inaudible latency (under 4ms!).

Ease of Use

Each set of CFG wireless systems has a unique fast-matching system.Β Just turn the power button ON on both devices, plug the transmitter to your instrument, and the receiver to your amp (or pedal, audio interface and more), and It's ready to play! Also - It'sΒ USB rechargeable (Gives over 8 playing hours per charge!).


With the ability to cover 100 feet / 30 Meters of range without the signal dropping out, theΒ CFG are rightfully so among the most popular and affordable wireless systems.

Boosts Your Stage Presence

No musician will ever know their true potential during a live performance until they have been liberated from their cable. Playing on a clean stage rather than "spaghetti floor", your band already looks more professional. It is especially helpful if all the stringed instrument players are using a wireless system. CFG allows up to 4 sets to be used at the same time!


Technology has made some incredible leaps in the wireless realm in the past few years. Today you don't need to spend hundreds of hard earned dollarsΒ on a bulky wireless system which consumes regular batteries.

The CFG systems are compact, rechargeable, and most importantlyΒ super affordable!

Compatible With All Guitars, Basses & Amps