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Welcome to CFG - Cable-Free Guitar!

At Cable Free Guitar, we are passionate about providing innovative solutions for musicians who value freedom and mobility on stage. Our mission is to enhance your musical experience by eliminating the constraints of cables and offering top-quality wireless systems and accessories.

With years of experience in the music industry, our team understands the unique challenges faced by performers. We believe that every musician deserves the freedom to move and express themselves without the limitations of cables. That's why we have developed cutting-edge wireless systems that deliver exceptional sound quality, reliable performance, and seamless connectivity.

Our flagship product, the CF-80 wireless system, sets a new standard for cable-free guitar performance. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the CF-80 offers crystal-clear audio transmission, an impressive range, and long-lasting battery life. Whether you're a professional guitarist, a gigging musician, or a passionate hobbyist, the CF-80 will revolutionize your playing experience.

But our commitment to innovation doesn't stop at wireless systems. We also offer a range of high-quality guitar straps, designed for ultimate comfort and durability. Our Zero Gravity guitar strap has gained rave reviews for its ergonomic design, alleviating the strain of heavy instruments and allowing you to play for extended periods without discomfort.

At Cable Free Guitar, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products backed by outstanding customer service. We are musicians ourselves, and we understand the importance of reliable equipment and prompt support. That's why we offer a comprehensive warranty on all our products and a team of knowledgeable experts ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Join the growing community of musicians who have embraced the freedom of cable-free performance. Explore our website to discover our range of wireless systems, guitar straps, and accessories. We are confident that our products will enhance your playing experience and take your performance to new heights.

Experience the freedom. Unleash your creativity. Go Cable Free Guitar!