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CFG CF-80 2.4GHz High-Fidelity Guitar/Bass Wireless System

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Experience Hi-Fi Clarity with the CFG CF-80: Your Ultimate 2.4GHz Wireless Guitar and Bass Companion

Embrace a world of high-fidelity sound and unbridled mobility with the CF-80. This advanced wireless system revolutionizes your stage presence, utilizing cutting-edge 2.4GHz ISM technology to offer unparalleled crystal-clear audio. Experience negligible latency under 4ms, exceptionally low noise, and a remarkable coverage area exceeding 100 feet. The CF-80 is designed for endurance with a battery life that lasts up to 8 hours, ensuring your performances are seamless and worry-free.  


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 CF-80 Vs. Cable:



Optimized Performance:

  • Wide Reach: Roam freely with over 100 feet/30 meters of reliable line-of-sight wireless range.
  • Versatile Design: The 220° rotatable head ensures a perfect fit for 99% of electric instruments.
  • Universal Fit: Compatible with all electric instruments for effortless integration.
  • Extended Play: Power through your gigs with 8 hours of battery life per charge.
  • Band-Ready: Coordinate with up to 4 sets simultaneously for full ensemble flexibility.
  • Plug & Play: Simple setup. Just plug in and immerse in your performance instantly. 




A woman with long, curly hair is smiling and holding two CFG 2.4GHz wireless audio system units, one in each hand. She's wearing a leather-look sleeveless top and playing a dark red electric bass guitar. The background is grey with illustrations of an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and keyboard, accompanied by text highlighting the system's compatibility with these instruments. Features such as 'Auto-Channel Setup' and 'Just Plug-in & Go' are emphasized along with the promise of a 'CABLE-FREE' experience.


The image features the CFG CF-80 wireless system's transmitter and receiver against a grey background. The text 'Packed With Amazing High-Performance Batteries' is prominently displayed, along with icons illustrating a battery and an 8-hour cycle, emphasizing the system's durable battery life. The units are black with blue LED indicators lit, and the caption '8+ Playing Hours Per Charge' reinforces the long-lasting playtime capability of these devices.


Enhanced Audio Fidelity:

  • Sample Range: Experience high-definition audio with a 48kHz/16bit sampling rate, capturing every detail in uncompressed digital transmission for unsurpassed clarity.
  • Ultra-Low Latency: With less than 4ms response time, enjoy real-time playing with no perceptible delay or loss of tone quality, ensuring a natural playing and listening experience.
  • Convenient Charging: Comes equipped with a USB port for easy charging, and includes a Y-split cable to power both the transmitter and receiver simultaneously, keeping you in action without interruption.
  • Broad Frequency Response: Delivers a full-range audio spectrum from 10Hz to 22kHz with an impressive ±1dB deviation, promising a rich and accurate sound across all pitches.
  • Minimal Distortion: Achieves a clean and transparent sound with distortion kept below 0.02%, preserving the true tone of your instrument.



How Does it Compare With the SonikSphere 5.8GHz Wireless System?

    As seen on Fox Nashville 


      Transmitter Specifications:

      • Dynamic Range: Superior clarity with a dynamic range of 113dB, ensuring pristine audio reproduction.
      • Output Level: Optimized signal output at -10dBv for seamless integration with a variety of audio equipment.
      • Output Impedance: Low output impedance of 1K ohms, designed to prevent signal loss and maintain audio integrity.
      • Load Impedance: Ideal for use with equipment having an input impedance of 10K ohms or higher, providing flexibility in setup and use.


      Receiver Specifications:

      • Dynamic Range: A wide dynamic range of 113dB to capture the full nuances of your performance.
      • Maximum Input Level: Capable of handling up to -10dBv, accommodating strong signals without distortion.
      • Input Impedance: High input impedance of 470K ohms, ensuring high sensitivity and minimal noise.
      • Source Impedance: Perfectly paired with sources of less than 10K ohms impedance, for optimal sound fidelity.



      Package includes:

      • 1* CF-80 Transmitter
      • 1* CF-80 Receiver
      • 1* Y-split USB Cable
      • 1* Owner's Manual

       Download the manual here.


      How to Select a Different Channel?

      How to Pair the Receiver With the Transmitter?

      CFG CF-80 2.4GHz High-Fidelity Guitar/Bass Wireless System
      CFG CF-80 2.4GHz High-Fidelity Guitar/Bass Wireless System

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