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CFG SonikSphere 5.8GHz High-Fidelity Guitar/Bass Wireless System

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SonikSphere 5.8GHz Wireless System: Unleash Your Performance's Full Potential

Upgrade your musical experience with the SonikSphere 5.8GHz Wireless Guitar & Bass System – your ultimate choice for pristine audio clarity and seamless connectivity. Perfect for guitars and basses, this versatile system promises compatibility with both active and passive setups, ensuring exceptional performance regardless of your instrument type. 


SonikSphere Vs Cable

Key Features:

  • Advanced 5.8GHz Frequency: Stands clear of common interferences from other devices, offering a stable and robust connection for live performances and studio sessions.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works effortlessly with electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, and can be plugged either direct to amp, or via your pedals, providing flexibility and convenience for every musician.
  • Extended Battery Life and Range: Enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous play on a single charge, and freedom of movement with a range of up to 100 feet (30 meters), perfect for small to medium stages and dynamic performances.
  • Multi-Channel Functionality: Equipped with six channel banks, easily switch frequencies on-the-fly to maintain flawless audio integrity.



Why Choose SonikSphere?

With the SonikSphere 5.8GHz Wireless Guitar & Bass System, step into a world where technical excellence meets uncompromised audio quality. Designed for both beginner and professional musicians, this system not only conveys your sound but also ensures that every note is transmitted with amazing dynamics, clarity and high fidelity.



Enhanced Audio Fidelity:

  • Sample Rate: Experience high-definition audio with a 48kHz/24bit sampling rate, capturing every detail in uncompressed digital transmission for unsurpassed clarity.
  • Ultra-Low Latency: With less than 4ms response time, enjoy real-time playing with no perceptible delay or loss of tone quality, ensuring a natural playing and listening experience.
  • Convenient Charging: Comes equipped with a USB port for easy charging, and includes a Y-split cable to power both the transmitter and receiver simultaneously, keeping you in action without interruption.
  • Broad Frequency Response: Delivers a full-range audio spectrum from 10Hz to 22kHz with an impressive ±1dB deviation, promising a rich and accurate sound across all pitches, including low B-stringed basses.
  • Minimal Distortion: Achieves a clean and transparent sound with distortion kept below 0.02%, preserving the true tone of your instrument.

    Transmitter Specifications:

    • Operation Frequency: 5.725GHz - 5.825GHz.
    • Transmission Channels: 6 manually switchable channel banks.
    • Sampling Rate: 24bit/48KHz.
    • Latency: <4ms.
    • Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-22KHz (±1 dB).
    • Dimensions (W*H*D) & Weight: 1.37*2.95*1.18 inches, 1.27 oz / 35*75*30 mm, 36g
    • Dynamic Range: Superior clarity with a dynamic range of 113dB, ensuring pristine audio reproduction.
    • Output Level: Optimized signal output at -10dBv for seamless integration with a variety of audio equipment.
    • Output Impedance: Low output impedance of 32 Ω, designed to prevent signal loss and maintain audio integrity.
    • Load Impedance: Ideal for use with equipment having an input impedance of 10K ohms or higher, providing flexibility in setup and use.

    Receiver Specifications:

    • Operation Frequency: 5.725GHz - 5.825GHz.
    • Sampling Rate: 24bit/48KHz.
    • Latency: <4ms.
    • Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-22KHz (±1 dB).
    • Dimensions (W*H*D) & Weight: 1.37*2.95*1.18 inches, 1.27 oz / 35*75*30 mm, 36g
    • Dynamic Range: A wide dynamic range of 113dB to capture the full nuances of your performance.
    • Maximum Input Level: Capable of handling up to -10dBv, accommodating strong signals without distortion.
    • Input Impedance: High input impedance of 470K ohms, ensuring high sensitivity and minimal noise.
    • Source Impedance: Perfectly paired with sources of less than 10K ohms impedance, for optimal sound fidelity.


    How Does it Compare With the CF-80 2.4GHz Wireless System?

    Package includes:

    • 1* SonikSphere Transmitter
    • 1* SonikSphere Receiver
    • 1* Y-split USB Cable
    • 1* Owner's Manual

     Download the manual here.


    How to Re-Pair the SonikSphere 5.8GHz Wireless System?


    How to Switch Channels on the SonikSphere 5.8GHz Wireless System?


    CFG SonikSphere 5.8GHz High-Fidelity Guitar/Bass Wireless System
    CFG SonikSphere 5.8GHz High-Fidelity Guitar/Bass Wireless System

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