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CFG CF-80 2.4GHz Guitar/Bass Wireless System

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CFG CF-80 2.4GHz Guitar/Bass Wireless System

The CFG CF-80 2.4GHz Wireless System For Guitar and Bass 

Say goodbye to tangled cables, because the CF-80 has got you covered. Experience true freedom on stage with the CF-80 wireless system. Thanks to its 2.4GHz ISM technology, this game-changing wireless guitar system delivers crystal-clear sound with less than 4ms of latency, ultra-low noise, and an impressive range of over 100 feet. Plus, it boasts a long-lasting battery that provides up to 8 hours of use, so you can focus on your performance without any worries.



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Why choose 2.4GHz over 5GHz for your wireless guitar system?

While 5GHz may appear enticing with its higher frequency, it falls short in several aspects. 5GHz signals have limited range and struggle to penetrate obstacles like walls, resulting in signal dropouts and interference. In contrast, our CF-80 wireless system operates on the reliable 2.4GHz ISM frequency. It offers an extended range, excellent signal penetration, and boasts impressive sub-4ms latency, rivaling or surpassing the speed of 5GHz devices. Experience the reliability and high-performance of CF-80 for your musical needs.






Optimized Performance:

  • Wide Reach: Roam freely with over 100 feet/30 meters of reliable line-of-sight wireless range.
  • Versatile Design: The 220° rotatable head ensures a perfect fit for 99% of electric instruments.
  • Universal Fit: Compatible with all electric instruments for effortless integration.
  • Extended Play: Power through your gigs with 8 hours of battery life per charge.
  • Band-Ready: Coordinate with up to 4 sets simultaneously for full ensemble flexibility.
  • Plug & Play: Simple setup. Just plug in and immerse in your performance instantly.



Enhanced Audio Fidelity:

  • Sample Range: Experience high-definition audio with a 48kHz/16bit sampling rate, capturing every detail in uncompressed digital transmission for unsurpassed clarity.
  • Ultra-Low Latency: With less than 4ms response time, enjoy real-time playing with no perceptible delay or loss of tone quality, ensuring a natural playing and listening experience.
  • Convenient Charging: Comes equipped with a USB port for easy charging, and includes a Y-split cable to power both the transmitter and receiver simultaneously, keeping you in action without interruption.
  • Broad Frequency Response: Delivers a full-range audio spectrum from 10Hz to 22kHz with an impressive ±1dB deviation, promising a rich and accurate sound across all pitches.
  • Minimal Distortion: Achieves a clean and transparent sound with distortion kept below 0.02%, preserving the true tone of your instrument.


Transmitter Specifications:

  • Dynamic Range: Superior clarity with a dynamic range of 113dB, ensuring pristine audio reproduction.
  • Output Level: Optimized signal output at -10dBv for seamless integration with a variety of audio equipment.
  • Output Impedance: Low output impedance of 1K ohms, designed to prevent signal loss and maintain audio integrity.
  • Load Impedance: Ideal for use with equipment having an input impedance of 10K ohms or higher, providing flexibility in setup and use.


Receiver Specifications:

  • Dynamic Range: A wide dynamic range of 113dB to capture the full nuances of your performance.
  • Maximum Input Level: Capable of handling up to -10dBv, accommodating strong signals without distortion.
  • Input Impedance: High input impedance of 470K ohms, ensuring high sensitivity and minimal noise.
  • Source Impedance: Perfectly paired with sources of less than 10K ohms impedance, for optimal sound fidelity.



Package includes:

  • 1* CF-80 Transmitter
  • 1* CF-80 Receiver
  • 1* Y-split USB Cable
  • 1* Owner's Manual


How to Select a Different Channel?

How to Pair the Receiver With the Transmitter?

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You ask, we answer.

Does the CF-80 wireless system work with Bass as well as guitar?

Yes, it will work perfectly both with active and passive systems. If you get any feedback or noise using an active system we have the solution, it is the "Air-Pockect" transmitter holder, all you need to do is attach the transmitter to your strap, keeping it a bit further away from the guitar and noise is gone!

Turn on both the transmitter and the receiver. Press the pairing button of the receiver until the blue indicator flickers rapidly. Press the pairing button of the transmitter for about 2 seconds. When they're paired successfully, the blue indicators on both devices will give constant light.

The system devides the working frequency band into 4 channel banks so as to avoid mutual interference. Each pair occupies one channel bank while in use.

Each time you double click the transmitter's pairing button, the channel group will be switched once. At the same time, the yellow light indicates the current channel group by flashing times. (If the LED indicator for example, flashes once, it means the fisrt bank is chosen, if it flashes twicem the 2nd bank is chosen and so on).

If not in use for a long time, or switched off during low battery without charging it on time, The battry enters into protection mode, and you need to charge it fully to activate battery.

Yes, it will work beautifly. You can use it to mic your vocals, a harminica, and more!

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