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[NEW 2023 model] CFG CF-80 2.4GHz Guitar/Bass Wireless System

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[NEW 2023 model] CFG CF-80 2.4GHz Guitar/Bass Wireless System

The New CFG™ CF-80 2.4GHz Wireless System For Guitar and Bass 

This one is a real game-changer. With crystal clear sound, this wireless guitar system with 2.4GHz ISM, produces under 4ms of latency(!), ultra-low noise, lasts 8 hours per charge, and covers over 100 feet of operation range. You can now afford to roam the stage liberated from cables and most importantly... Worry-free! Just focus on your performance and never think again about battery life... connectivity issues... interference with other wireless devices, all has been taken care of! 😆🤘

Woman holding bass guitar, with CFG CF-80 wireless guitar and bass system plugged in

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Why 2.4gHz and not 5gHz?

When it comes to choosing a wireless guitar system, it's important to consider the frequency it uses. While 5GHz may seem like a good option due to its higher frequency and perceived faster speed, there are several disadvantages to this frequency. One of the biggest is that 5GHz signals have a shorter range than 2.4GHz signals, which can limit your mobility on stage. Additionally, 5GHz signals have a harder time penetrating solid objects like walls, which can lead to signal dropouts or interference. On the other hand, the CF-80 wireless system uses the 2.4GHz ISM frequency, which offers a longer range and better signal penetration. Not only that, but the CF-80's impressive under 4ms latency matches or even exceeds the speed of 5GHz devices, making it a reliable and high-performing option for any musician.


* Over 100 feet / 30 meter operation range.
* 220° rotatable head.
* Fits all electric music instruments.

* 8 operating hours per charge!
* Up to 4 sets at the same time supported.
* Easy to use, plug and play!


● Sample Range: 48kHz/16bit uncompressed digital transmission
● Latency : < 4ms, no audible lag or tone loss.
● USB port for charging / Y-split cable for simultaneous charging.
● 105 dB dynamic range
● Frequency Response: 10Hz-22KHz +-1dB
● Distortion:<0.02%

Package includes:
1* CF-80 Transmitter
1* CF-80 Receiver
1* Y-split USB Cable
1* User Manual



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    You ask, we answer.

    Does the CF-80 wireless system work with Bass as well as guitar?

    Yes, it will work perfectly both with active and passive systems. If you get any feedback or noise using an active system we have the solution, it is the "Air-Pockect" transmitter holder, all you need to do is attach the transmitter to your strap, keeping it a bit further away from the guitar and noise is gone!

    Turn on both the transmitter and the receiver. Press the pairing button of the receiver until the blue indicator flickers rapidly. Press the pairing button of the transmitter for about 2 seconds. When they're paired successfully, the blue indicators on both devices will give constant light.

    The system devides the working frequency band into 4 channel banks so as to avoid mutual interference. Each pair occupies one channel bank while in use.

    Each time you double click the transmitter's pairing button, the channel group will be switched once. At the same time, the yellow light indicates the current channel group by flashing times. (If the LED indicator for example, flashes once, it means the fisrt bank is chosen, if it flashes twicem the 2nd bank is chosen and so on).

    If not in use for a long time, or switched off during low battery without charging it on time, The battry enters into protection mode, and you need to charge it fully to activate battery.

    Yes, it will work beautifly. You can use it to mic your vocals, a harminica, and more!

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