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Zero-Gravity Strap for Guitar & Bass

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This is the Zero-Gravity strap for Guitar and Bass. For the Banjo Zero-Gravity strap click here.

This is an image of the Zero Gravity Strap from CFG - Cable Free Guitar. The strap is designed to lighten the load for musicians, featuring a black neoprene and memory foam construction with 3D studs for enhanced weight distribution and improved airflow to eliminate sweat buildup. Key features are highlighted, such as the convenient, easy-access pick-holder, advanced ABS sliding buckle that adjusts to fit all sizes and playing styles, high-quality double-stitched PU leather ends, and an acoustic guitar headstock attachment string. The background is dark with light text, emphasizing the product's features in a sleek, modern design.

Introducing The Revolutionary 3.5 inches wide 'Zero-Gravity' Bass & Guitar Strap, Adjustable Length with 2 Safety Strap Locks and 4 Picks.

  • Unparalleled playing comfort with the innovative Zero Gravity Strap design
  • Airflow system and broad 3.5 inches width significantly reduce instrument weight perception by 50%
  • Delivers 100% enhanced comfort for extended playing sessions
  • Super soft shoulder pad made from moisture-wicking neoprene and memory foam for uninterrupted playing
  • Sleek design combined with premium materials for a durable, lifelong musical accessory


 How to Choose The Right Zero-Gravity Strap Size?  

With options for short, and long, there's a Zero Gravity Strap perfect for every guitar/bass player.

To find your perfect fit, simply take your current strap and measure the distance along the shoulder  from one strap button to the other while holding the instrument, then use our handy chart below to pick the right size strap for ultimate comfort and performance. 

Zero-Gravity Strap Size Chart:

Small: 42-48 inch / 108-122 cm from strap pin-hole to hole

Large: 50-63 inch / 127-160 cm from strap pin-hole to hole

(Both strap sizes are 3.5 inches wide at the padded part, and 2 inches wide at the webbing part of the strap)

See The Zero-Gravity Strap In Action!

  • Ultimate Comfort: Experience unparalleled lasting comfort with our 3D sponge-filled and neoprene material guitar & bass strap. The unique 3D sponge filling offers flexibility and cushioning for optimum comfort.
  • Perfect Fit: Enjoy full flexibility with our fully adjustable strap available in two sizes, catering to all players and instruments. The strap stands out with its softness, shock resistance, and strong compression resistance.
  • Breathable Design: Our guitar & bass strap lays smoothly on your shoulder and back, effortlessly moving with your clothing or skin. Its breathable design wicks away sweat, providing maximum comfort during long rehearsals or gigs.
  • Enhanced Safety: The ZERO-GRAVITY strap ends feature top-grade double-stitched vegan leather, ensuring durability and a secure fit onto strap buttons or strap locks. Gain enhanced control over your instrument.
  • Unparalleled Satisfaction: Our ZERO-GRAVITY bass & guitar straps not only offer a fashionable look but also a long-lasting design that proves to be a wise investment for years to come. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Zero-Gravity Strap Features:

● Flexible, breathable and moisture-wicking.

● Unbelievably soft, padded and comfortable.

● Even weight distribution, Huge reduction in neck pressure.

● High quality neoprene and cushioning that won’t cut into your neck.

● Looks amazing on whatever style of guitar you play.



Neoprene Magic - No Sweat!

Bid farewell to shoulder, neck, and back pain caused by the weight of your guitar and the discomfort of a strap cutting into your neck. Say goodbye to painful rashes resulting from excessive sweat build-up. Introducing the ZERO-GRAVITY Guitar Strap, designed to alleviate these issues. Crafted with neoprene material, our strap effectively reduces sweat accumulation and enhances blood flow by absorbing the shock of the guitar's weight during prolonged play. Stay fresh and ready to rock on stage, even when the crowd demands an encore!

 Fully adjustable length and Perfect Fit!

  • Our Zero-Gravity guitar & bass straps come in small and large sizes, offering a wide range of adjustability from 42-48 inches (108-122cm) for the small and 50-63 inches (127-160cm) for the large, measured from strap pin-hole to hole.
  • Vegan 🍃 leather ends.
  • Fits smoothly across your shoulder.
  • Elastic & stretchy without being bouncy.
  • The Zero-Gravity strap is soft, shock and compression resistant.


cleaning instructions for the Zero Gravity strap by CFG Cable-Free Guitar

Zero-Gravity Strap Logo Color Update:

We wish to inform our valued customers that the logo color seen on our Zero Gravity Strap's pick-holder has been standardized. While historical imagery and videos across the web may showcase a yellow-colored logo variant, we have since transitioned to a uniform logo color scheme for enhanced aesthetic consistency.

Currently, all straps feature a sleek black on black color combination for the logo on the pick-holder, with the exception of our white and maroon straps, which will have a white on white logo, or maroon on maroon, to maintain the monochrome elegance. 

We appreciate your understanding and are excited for you to experience the refined style of your new Zero Gravity Strap.

Zero-Gravity Strap for Guitar & Bass
Zero-Gravity Strap for Guitar & Bass

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