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Why CF-80?

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Why CF-80?

Are you tired of being tethered to your amplifier while playing guitar or bass? Look no further than the CF-80 wireless system by CFG.

A female musician confidently holding a bass guitar connected to CFG's CF-80 wireless system, showcasing the freedom and ease of playing without cords.

One of the first things to consider when purchasing a wireless system is the range. The CF-80 boasts a range of 100ft / 30m, giving you the freedom to move around on stage or in the studio without worrying about being connected to your amplifier.

Another important factor to consider is battery life. The CF-80 has a battery life of 8 hours per charge, allowing for extended use without needing to stop and recharge.

an image showing a symbol of battery life

Latency, or the delay between when you play and when the sound is heard, is also a crucial consideration. The CF-80 has latency of under 4ms, which is humanly inaudible. This means that you can play with confidence knowing that what you're hearing is exactly what your audience is hearing.

The CF-80 also has 4 channel banks, each consisting of 3 channels. These channel banks are manually switchable, allowing you to easily switch between multiple channels in case you are experiencing any interference from other wireless systems in the area. In fact, you can use up to 4 different sets of the CF-80 simultaneously by assigning a different channel bank to each.

The CF-80 is also compatible with any instrument that connects with a 1/4" mono cable jack, making it versatile and easy to use with a variety of instruments.

a picture of a band of musicians ad a singer, performing 

And the best part? The CF-80 is currently on sale, with a 30% discount bringing the price down to USD89.90.

But the CF-80 is not only affordable, it also delivers a high-quality 16bit/48Mhz uncompressed signal, ensuring that your sound is as true to the original as possible.

Setting up and using the CF-80 is also a breeze. It's as simple as plugging in and playing. And if you're on the go, you'll appreciate the included free Y-split charging cable, and an optional (can be purchased separately) elegant carry case, and the "Air-Pocket" which is a transmitter holster you can attach to your guitar strap.

image of the CF-80 wireless system from CFG, with a Y-split charging cable.

In short, the CF-80 wireless system by CFG offers a range of 100ft / 30m, battery life of 8 hours per charge, latency under 4ms, 4 channel banks, compatibility with any instrument that connects with a 1/4" mono cable jack, and a high-quality sound at an affordable price. Plus, it's easy to set up and use, and comes with some additional accessories. If you're in the market for a wireless system for your guitar or bass, the CF-80 should definitely be at the top of your list.

comment 4 comments


Does it work with active bass pickups?

Tom Choiniere

Hi, what type of battery is in the wireless system? Nimh, lithium, etc? I’m concerned about the battery developing a memory and the battery life getting shorter and shorter. Thanks.

Bob L

How will they work with a base that uses a low “B” ?
A Fender Jazz to 300 watt Ampeg

Chris Lenoir

I am amazed by this product, never knew how limited I was by a cable. Thanks for existing guys. you rock!

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