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Effortless Performance: The Zero-Gravity Guitar and Bass Strap

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Effortless Performance: The Zero-Gravity Guitar and Bass Strap

Guitar and bass players are always on the lookout for comfortable and durable straps to support their instruments during performances. The Zero-Gravity guitar/bass strap by CFG is a top choice for musicians who value both comfort and style.

The Zero-Gravity guitar/bass strap by CFG is designed to alleviate the burden of playing a heavy instrument for extended periods. The strain that a heavy guitar or bass can put on your shoulder and back can be intense, leading to pain and discomfort, especially after long sets. The Zero-Gravity strap is here to solve this problem, ensuring that you can play for hours on end without having to worry about aches and pains.

The strap is available in two sizes, short (42-48 inches) and long (50-63 inches) to fit all tastes and preferences. With a width of 3.5 inches, it is designed with comfort in mind, providing maximum support while also allowing airflow to keep you cool. The main part of the strap is made out of 3D pillow studs filled with memory foam, covered in moisture-wicking neoprene. The bumps on the surface allow for air to circulate, preventing moisture from building up and causing discomfort.

The Zero-Gravity strap is made with high-quality, vegan-friendly leather that is built to last for years. The strap is also equipped with moisture-wicking neoprene, ensuring that you can maintain good posture even after hours of playing. The strap fits all strap button styles and strap locks, making it easy to attach to your guitar or bass. It is compatible with all guitars and basses, no matter what brand or model you have.

CFG offers a variety of designs to choose from, and they keep adding to and refreshing their collection so that you can find one that fits your taste. The Zero-Gravity strap is now on sale, with a 30% discount, priced at just USD39.90. Although the strap is not machine washable, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth. It also comes with a free set of 4 picks and 2 strap locks, giving you everything you need to get started right away.

In conclusion, the Zero-Gravity guitar/bass strap by CFG is designed to take the burden off and make it easier to play those long sets. With its comfortable design, compatibility with all guitars and basses, and variety of designs to choose from, you can say goodbye to shoulder and back pain once and for all. Invest in the Zero-Gravity strap and experience the difference for yourself!

comment 2 comments


I bought the Strap and it has been great! The guitar feels so much lighter and i can stand longer without the heaviness hurting my shoulder and back. Great Product. Going to get more of them soon.

James Bunn

I bought your transmitter and receiver, and it sounds great, I’m going to be getting your straps soon.

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